My Books

Books! Everyone loves books! Below is list of my published works with a platform on the video game industry. All will be available in PDF and ePub form where few, if lucky, will be available in print form.

Firebrand – Bringing Radical Change to Your Indie Game

Cover art subject to change

Released: 2017

Indie games are being released everyday. With the tools to create being lower than ever (many free), digital platforms that you can showcase your game to earn a profit, there’s no stopping for an endless sea of content to play.

As an indie developer, where does that leave you? In an endless sea of forgotten titles and no revenue. You have to find a way to separate yourself from the rest and allow your game to reach a demographic that is hungry for new content and willing to pay for it. That demographic is the console gamer.

The dedicated console gaming audience is tied to what AAA publishers and developers dish out to them. And they are pissed. They want new experiences, new challenges. By taking the necessary measures, you can bring radical change to your indie game that will appeal to the console gamer giving you a leg up over your fellow indie devs.

By providing the gaming experience that console gamers are hoping for, you can be a light in a sea of darkness that will increase sales, word of mouth, and create a community of gamers that are eagerly waiting for your next title.

In Firebrand: Bringing Radical Change to Your Indie Game, we’ll discuss the necessary steps to tailor your game, marketing strategies, and influence to reach those console gamers.