I’m not a publisher. I’m not a developer. I don’t have a resume or a degree to speak of in game development. Who am I? I’m your audience.

With the ease to create a video game in one’s free time, there is still something to be said to developing an indie game. But just making a game isn’t enough anymore. We are starting to see titles from unknown developers take on the likes and numbers of the console giants. Small teams are putting the multi million publishers to shame by creating games that the community want to play. Not just the same games remade year after year.

I am Eric M Hunter

I am Eric M Hunter

The need to find a publisher, distributor, and funding is also gone with the invention of Steam, Itch.io, and Kickstarter. Where it was basically impossible to create and develop a video game to put on a store shelf among the gaming giants at the time, now sees the community as a whole being pushed off by a simple “choose your own adventure game.”

So what is there to separate you from the rest of the pack? What once took hundreds of thousands of dollars to create, produce, market, and shelve can be for absolutely nothing today. The extensive list of free tools and what they can do becomes better and better with each releasing version. Those with little to no knowledge can create a memorial experience and make a little money on the side too.

Because of all of these great tools and freedom to create what ever game you want, this can create a mediocre and forgettable adventures. It’s too easy to get swept up in the glitz of game development and forget the core components that makes fun games fun. Great games great.

It is time to break those chains that create mediocre games.

There’s a reason that EA and Activision release the same games over and over again.

Standing still makes for slippery ground.

Make some noise. Be unique and above all else, have fun.

-Eric M Hunter