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Pokémon Go developer Niantic has experienced a setback of sorts after their attempt at a global gathering known as Pokémon GO Fest. Yeah, not that clever of a name. This free to play game just celebrated its first anniversary and has been holding onto an amount of steam. What’s the joke? Michelle Obama spent 8 years trying to get kids outside to exercise; Niantic did it in a day by collecting fictitious animals.

So who’s to blame for the failure? Did Niantic not prepare for the huge amount of people that were going to attend? You would think they would since you had to purchase tickets.

What about the cellphone carriers? With the event being sponsored by Sprint and Boost mobile (known as the bottom rung in terms of reliable service here in the States). As someone who has worked in the wireless industry, this is also a strong player in the blame game. Internet in the States sucks, people. It’s really bad and crazy expensive.

It’s odd to see something like this still happen today. You’d think that you would see those that went before you and learn from their mistakes (but we’re different, you say. You’re not and that’s ok.) But unfortunately that didn’t seem to happen this time around and now Niantic is facing legal pressure from those that had attended.

So breathe a sigh of relief. No matter how big, how old, or how long you’ve been in the game, you still make mistakes. Were the mistakes made by Niantic avoidable? Probably. But here we are reading all sorts of hate mail about how Niantic hates their player base. Which isn’t true by the way, just short sighted.

And they will recover as will you if a mistake is made. As I’ve said before, the world has an extremely limited memory and another crisis will happen soon to gain their attention. What is most important is what you do after the mistake. Do you go back and hide in cover waiting for all this to blow over (at the Winchester) or do you get in front of it, having one on one conversations with those affected and work to correct the issue?

Accept the embarrassment, the betrayal, the bullshit or whatever feeling you are experiencing in the moment and move on to fixing the issue.

And root for the Left Shark.

Eric M Hunter

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